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Work for us

Work for us

Tecair now only employ high calibre techs. Read on to see what that means. We only want high calibre apprentices. Read on to see whom we want you to become.


Techs (you) are at the heart of what we do which is why ‘Tec’ is in our name. At Tecair we recognise that we are only as good as our techs. Our reputation and success literally hangs on how you conduct yourself at our clients sites every single visit. In recognition of this belief, in late 2017 the entire company sat down and agreed on two things being:

  1. Our core values as a company of technicians and how we all want to behave day to day.
  2. What a high calibre technician actually is. After much discussion we actually agreed on the traits that encapsulate a high calibre technician and who we want to be.

Let us not get lost in the jargon. These values, culture or whatever you want to call it are simply how we want to behave. Simplified, if this is how you typically like to work then you will fit in at Tecair and you will do the right thing by our clients (the ones who pay us and ultimately judge just how good we are).


We have boiled it down to three absolute rock solid values to guide us at work:

  1. Own it (mum it)
    • Treat each job and customer as if it were your mums.
    • You will find yourself doing the right thing.
  2. Save it
    • Lets get it fixed once and save the day.
    • Customers want us to problem solve.
  3. Tech it
    • We were taught a trade and need to keep learning while passing on our knowledge in turn to apprentices and young staff as we were once shown.

High calibre technician

We also have 6 broad areas that we agreed as a group constitute a high calibre technician:

  1. Communication
    • Send pictures to clients
    • Announce arrival and departure
    • Plan jobs. Call ahead.
    • Debrief jobs
    • Site communication with client
    • Introduce yourself. Engage with your client on entry and exit
    • Communicate schedule changes to office and clients
    • Confident
    • Experts
    • Confidentiality
    • Avoid disparaging comments of other staff or locations
    • Toolbox talk learning
    • Send back pics to office to train other, office staff or use for newsletter etc
    • Provide phone support and problem solve over the phone.
    • Communicate with our office administrators to make them effective traffic controllers.
  2. Presentation
    • Car clean and organised. This is our workspace
    • Shirt tucked in and ironed. Buttons done up to 2nd from top.
    • Well spoken
    • No swearing
    • Polite
    • Drive without aggression
    • Shaved or trimmed beard
    • No body odor
    • Uniformed embroided with name
    • Black boots. Work belt.
  3. Efficiency
    • Be on time
    • Buddy system
    • Quote training
    • Tools list known and up to date
    • Scheduling
    • Gas weighing to procedure
    • Use PO’s with suppliers
    • Ladder available on ute or at site
    • Carry spare tool battery charged
    • You have to take unpaid lunch daily and sign out of client sites if you leave.
  4. Clean up
    • No shoes on beds
    • Vacuum dust or organise a clean
    • drop sheets
    • Hose filters, not vacuuming as practice
    • Wetvacs in all utes
    • Take boots off for residential visits
  5. Reporting
    • Accurate descriptions of work completed or to do
    • Add items to asset registers
    • Do your service report while onsite
    • Do your quotes onsite. Use Max system for parts
  6. Follow up
    • Follow up quotes, call.
    • Send PM quotes to ad hoc clients
    • Sit with client and review quotes
    • Any chance of a client issues then follow up the client. Be proactive as clients are not happy to call back about the same issue.
  7. Safety
    • Goggles for grinder, gloves, reflective gear, steel cap shoes
    • Tags and tag kits in vehicle
    • Working at heights safety
    • Vehicle servicing, tyres
    • Bluetooth use of phone in car
    • Sunscreen
    • Hat broad rim
    • Drinking water bottle
    • Recommend caged ladders to clients.

The key word to understand here is consistency. If you do not send pictures to a remote client then it is not the end of the world. It is serious if you never do it, as we all agree it is a great thing that many clients really value. So consistency is the context.

Our staff are expected to talk to colleagues or management when they find themselves working with other technican’s who are not meeting these standards. It is our collective experience that we lose not only customers but other good staff when they are surrounded by people who are consistently not meeting the standards above. If you want to work for a poor team then it is as much about the people who ‘say nothing’ as it is about the ones that ‘do nothing’. If you just speak up, you will transform your team.

The first step in creating a high calibre team was to define what a high calibre technician is which our team did in 2017. The next and hardest step is to now start to live it. We invite those techs and apprentices out there that love their trade and want to join us to be part of such a team.

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