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Energy efficient Air Conditioning

Do you have Energy Efficient Air Conditioning installed at your premises? If not, you are likely spending too much to run your air conditioning at present by 20-40%. 

This is the range that our staff install at home. It is great value to buy, cheaper to run and better for the environment.

Imagine an air conditioning system to power your workplace, office, school or home that cost between 20-40% less to an hour to run, while posing no risk to the ozone layer. That option is available right now nationally with Tecair.

Tecair is a certified installer for the Pioneer range of Energy Efficient Air Conditioning equipment which includes:

  1. Split ducted systems (for your home or office). 3.5 – 17.5kW range.
  2. Wall split systems (room based). 2.5 – 8kW range.
  3. Ceiling mounted cassette (room based although add more for big spaces). 3.5 – 17kW range.
  4. Retrofits of old R22 systems. 3.5 – 26kW range.

Other advantages of this world-leading system are:

  1. All systems sold have reverse cycle heating included.
  2. The visible internal units sleek and will look nice in any room.
  3. The Pioneer equipment is either equivalent to or less than competing product to buy.
  4. Energy Efficient Air Conditioning is 20-40% cheaper to run.
  5. All Pioneer equipment installed by Tecair comes with a no-nonsense 7-year residential warranty or a 5-year commercial warranty on all systems. we will even warrant the system if it is retrofitted onto existing R22 units. Beat that.
  6. The gas has zero impact on the ozone layer.
  7. For the split ducted systems (home) a full multi-zone controller is available.

Technical advantages for engineering types:

  1. The pressure of the refrigerant gas is a lot less than current systems meaning that the hard working compressor inside our Pioneer systems is working at half the pressure, which makes for a longer equipment life and is the main reason that the costs of running this equipment are 20 to 40% less than an equivalent brand new system.
  2. HFC refrigerant gases like R410A and R32 are being phased out right now by the Australian government. The reason for this dates back to the Montreal protocol which was agreed by all countries to save the ozone layer back in the 1980’s. Since that time, refrigerant gases have become friendlier to the ozone layer and as new technology allows, old refrigerant gases are phased out like R22 and now R410A and R32. If you want to purchase equipment that will be serviceable for the decades to come, then product using M60 refrigerant gas should be your first consideration.
  3. M60 refrigerant gas being carbon-based is friendly to the ozone layer unlike R410A and R32 gas. It is effectively propane gas such as in your kitchen or barbecue. As the pressures are so much lower with this gas it runs perfectly with the low-pressure R22 systems. Additionally, it means that you need about half the amount of gas in a current system so, therefore, most systems have from 1.9 up to 3.5 kg of refrigerant gas in their systems. The smallest gas bottle you can get from a service station is 4kg if you want to compare so even our largest commercial systems have less gas than that. And yes you already have more of the same gas in your home right now if you have a gas stove.
  4. Most people do not understand that the oil within their existing systems has a combustion temperature less than M60 gas of approximately 300 degrees Celsius.
  5. Read the R32 gas MSDS and you will see it is explosive. It also suffers from the diesel effect meaning it can blow up without a flame (unlike M60).

Retrofitting R22 gas systems

Of particular note for long-suffering R22 equipment owners is that we can retrofit your outside (condensing) unit to a pre-existing R22 internal wall split or cassette unit without having to redo piping, cabling or changing your internal equipment. In other words, we just replace the outside box with the fan.

It is a lot cheaper to do this than a new system. The M60 refrigerant gas is completely compatible with R22 systems and oil so that a fast and cost-effective upgrade to your air conditioning system is possible. Another advantage is that M60 is about half the cost of R22 so if you have ever had a leak of R22 you will appreciate the savings.

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