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Tecair Rapid respond refrigeration & HVAC Service Rapid response refrigeration & HVAC Service

Evaporative cooling systems

Tecair is an active installer of evaporative cooling systems – we envisage that over the coming years this type of equipment will be required more and more, due to energy efficiencies of up to 80% over traditional compressor systems.

Unlike traditional compressor systems, evaporative cooling systems only run a fan, so the energy savings come from less power requirements.

These systems work by transferring some of the incoming heat within the air into the water. The heat is then ejected from the system in warm moist air, leaving 100% fresh air which is now cooled to the desired temperature. So these systems are fantastic for large areas requiring a high per-litre, per-second air flow. Locations include commercial kitchens, retail outlets, sports centres and warehousing.

While some water is obviously used in the system it is very minimal and can often be supplied from a rainwater system in order to drought proof your air conditioning. The water is only in the system for 2 to 3 days so water testing is not required in these systems. That said, there is also a chlorination system for the water being used which is then expunged and topped up every 3 days.

Another great usage of indirect evaporative cooling is using it as a precursor to a traditional system. In extremely hot and humid conditions an evaporative cooler can pre-cool air which is then pumped into a traditional package system, for example, which can then be cooled further. Noteably indirect evaporative cooling units do not heat air so a supplementary heating system is required, at a minimum, for many parts of Australia. Tecair scopes this as part of any works during the design phase.

Generally speaking the servicing requirements for evaporative cooling are fewer than for traditional air or water cooled systems. The prime reason for this is the main moving part is an electric fan and there is no compressor so there is no oil or refrigerant gas to maintain or service.

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