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Tecair Rapid respond refrigeration & HVAC Service Rapid response refrigeration & HVAC Service

Water towers

Water towers are an absolutely critical component to a large buildings cooling system. They are often ignored other than for Legionella bacteria testing which Tecair also provide monthly as required by law.

Yet water towers are an important part of the mechanical plant of the building and have an enormous impact on your other plant such as chillers and therefore your overall energy spend.

At first glance, a water tower has a fan and a few pumps to power so many people underestimate its importance in the energy cycle of your HVAC system. If it is not running at the required flow rate, it can change the discharge pressure of your chiller. This can lead to oil migration problems meaning your oil accumulates in the colder area’s of the chiller and not where it is supposed to be such as lubricating your compressor. This can then manifest itself with compressor issues.

Another energy loss can be from partially blocked nozzles that spray your water. If there is reduced heat exchange in the water tower then your chiller has to work harder instead. So while your energy use on the water tower fan looks normal, you are pumping money into your 3 phase chiller to make up the difference.

Your water tower is only as good as the water in it. Scaling is a well-known problem as it is often visible on your mesh. Cleaning is not enough to remove scale as it comes straight back in a month. We need to use biocides to kill the spores.

Tecair can retrofit existing water towers in full or parts. Options include low sound fans and baffles. If your tower is in need of a free health check then call our offices so we can have one of our technical specialists attend. Water towers are a field on their own yet crucial to your HVAC system: ensure you are dealing with specialists.

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