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Tecair Rapid respond refrigeration & HVAC Service Rapid response refrigeration & HVAC Service

Freezer Rooms

Tecair are experienced installers and service providers for freezer rooms across Australia. We have a number of national food retailers who utilise our expertise for both cool rooms and freezer rooms. 

The main components of a freezer rooms include; panelling, the door and the refrigeration equipment. An area of critical importance, which is often overlooked, is the flooring which must be both insulated and heated. If the floor is not heated then it invariably turns into a dangerous ice rink for staff to walk on. And if the freezer room is not properly insulated in the floor underneath the heating, you can get condensation forming through and under the slab which can actually endanger the structural integrity of the slab. So the selection process for your freezer room provider must be based on their experience, as failures can be both expensive and catastrophic.

Modern refrigeration equipment typically comes with digital valves and it is absolutely essential your equipment includes such valves. Additionally, if you have pre-existing freezer rooms, then that equipment must be upgraded to the digital valves which are a far more energy efficient valve than the old mechanical ones. Please note; the old mechanical ones will continue to work fine, they just cost you more money to run.

The costs of running freezer rooms every hour is extremely expensive so any heat leaks, door issues or misuse of the equipment will immediately cost you money in your power bills. The true cost of freezer rooms comes as running cost through power bills, and not the upfront installation cost. More than most other mechanical equipment, freezer rooms and the associated refrigeration equipment can be connected to a BMS system so your monthly power usage can be monitored in addition to the remote monitoring of temperature which you can also control.

Tecair has learnt over years of experience with freezer rooms that the doors must be given proper consideration. You must look at a solution such as PVC strips or a door alarm to ensure that the door is closed at all times, other than when being transited. One of the most costly components of a freezer room which is typically at -20 degrees Celsius or lower, is when the doors are left open for staff to come and go which unfortunately can be common practice for busy kitchen environments. Talk to Tecair about retrofitting door systems that will save you money.

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Tecair Rapid respond refrigeration & HVAC Service