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Tecair Rapid respond refrigeration & HVAC Service Rapid response refrigeration & HVAC Service

Coil Cleaning

Coil cleaning is an important part of maintaining your air conditioning system. Nearly every air conditioning and refrigeration system is either an evaporative coil or a condensing coil. 

These coils are similar in functionality to a traditional water radiator in a vehicle and it is where the heat transfer takes place (albeit that refrigerant gases are inside the coils instead of water). And these coils get filthy with a combination of microbial growth and dust.

Unlike the radiator in your car, much of the air that you breath comes across these coils in an air conditioning system. For hygiene reasons alone, you should ensure your air is clean before you spend money on either cooling or heating it. What’s even more interesting is that if you conduct coil cleaning regularly, it will save you money.

This is no small statement. What Tecair is saying is that if you take the trouble to clean your coils properly then you will get both a longer life in your expensive coil and also greater efficiencies of up to 30% which will save on your power costs. Your air conditioning system will most likely be 30% of your overall energy costs so to put that into context, if you clean your coils properly then you could save up to 10% of your energy bill in a building.

New equipment

Sometimes a coil can be so blocked or corroded that it cannot be cleaned and salvaged. In this instance Tecair will provide advice and pricing to install a brand-new coil to the same specifications as the existing air conditioning or refrigeration equipment. As a guide only, unprotected coils within 1-2km of surf beaches will start to degrade and fail in 5-7 years, 6-9 in highly corrosive city environments and 10-15 years further away from the coast. Some coils if protected from the elements will last over 20 years. All coils will last longer if protected.

At the point of considering a new coil it may well be cheaper to consider replacing the equipment in its entirety. Tecair would typically only recommend a coil change if equipment was to be around for at least another five years. Otherwise the money spent on a new coil may be better off on a completely brand new and upgraded unit.

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