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Dry Ice Blasting

Dry ice blasting to clean refrigeration and air conditioning equipment is advantageous for many reasons. Not least of which is that it has the lowest impact on operations as we can typically dry ice clean equipment while it is working. Cleaner results while you maintain operations.

Dry ice is Carbon Dioxide cooled to a solid state at -78C. The pellets are then ground up and shot with high pressure purified air at the surface to be cleaned. The thermal shock (temperature difference) breaks the bond and removes the substrate of dirt, mould, bacteria etc. The waste is then just swept away. There are zero chemicals, moisture or shot. The carbon dioxide returns to the atmosphere from which it came.

Summary benefits of dry ice blasting:

  • Friendly to the environment. No chemicals or solvents at all. CO2 is carbon neutral.
  • Electrically safe.
  • Safe for operators and nearby workers.
  • Fast so less downtime of equipment. Also less disassembly required for machinery.
  • Sanitizes surfaces and kills bacteria such salmonella, listeria, legionella and e-coli which are of concern to many industries.
  • Does not damage the surface being cleaned.

HACCP guidelines for food manufacturing and preparation businesses will dictate the role for dry ice blasting to play. It is not an everyday event but it is the best way to deal with periodic cleaning to remove persistent mould, bacteria. oil, grime, residue and dirt.

Dry ice blasting applications

  • Restaurants will use such a deep clean prior to move in or make goods. Doing all surfaces once a year will make your kitchen look brand new by removing the build up of oil and smoke residue from the entire space and not just food surface area’s.
  • Periodic dry ice cleaning should be a must for any critical care food prep areas in hospitals and aged care.
  • Cool and freezer rooms do not need to be brought up to temperature to clean. Dry ice is at -78C so well below -20C for a freezer. We can clean the evaporator and condensing coils without switching them off.
  • Food manufacturing and in particular bakeries can really benefit from dry ice cleans.
  • Insurance jobs related to fire restoration and water damage can benefit from dry ice cleans.
  • End of Construction site make goods.
  • Electrical boards are a real specialty and there is no better or safer way to clean them than with dry ice.
  • Machinery cleaning from as varied applications as aviation, marine, industrial, mining and farming.
  • Building restoration for brickwork through to timber. You can even do plastics and rubber which is great for pump seals.
  • Medical labs, surgeries, practices for pharmaceutical, dental, human health and veterinarian.
  • Cleaning pedestrian areas of really difficult stains like chewing gum.
  • Pre-surface cleaning of large or insitu items prior to paint and galvanic applications.

Tecair is also able to dry ice clean air conditioning and extraction ducts using a dry ice cleaning robot. Contact our offices for more detail and pricing.

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