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Tecair Rapid respond refrigeration & HVAC Service Rapid response refrigeration & HVAC Service

Duct Cleaning

Tecair uses the latest technologies to conduct duct cleaning services Nationwide to existing and prospective customers.

Ducting is in all larger buildings and is typically categorised into rigid or soft ducting types.

  • The soft type is the flexible silver ducting that you often see in residential that is used in runs of not more than 6 mtrs, commercial applications as well. It is notoriously difficult to clean as surfaces are uneven so in many respects is actually easier to replace after many years than it is to clean.
  • Rigid ducting is typically galvanized sheet metal and has a much longer service life. Tecair often sees ducts that have been installed for 30 to 40 years and are starting to rust. Once at this stage it is best to be replaced. In the interim, this ducting brings the air that people are going to breathe so it needs to be clean. If your ducting is full of dust, mould and microbial growth then obviously the duct system needs cleaning.

The obvious cleaning point of duct work is typically at the air intake where there are usually disposable air filters of varying sizes. Tecair change these out regularly as part of our preventative maintenance program. However, what is not included is cleaning of the internal ductwork.

It is common to see access portals every 3 to 6mtrs in your ductwork which provide access to the ductwork with a view that this is where we can clean from.

This is a manual process and over the years a number of automated robots have also been developed that can traverse both horizontal and vertical rigid ducting to be able to clean it thoroughly. Tecair is also able to provide such services. The robots use a variety of different cleaning methods from high-pressure air, cleaning agents, steam and others.

Not to be forgotten is the extraction system: extremely important for bathroom areas in large buildings. Where an air extraction system is not cleaned, over time you can experience partial or full blockages, both inconvenient and a health hazard.

So extraction duct cleaning while often ignored, is an important consideration in your building maintenance.

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