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Extraction hood cleaning

Tecair can technicians are trained and equipped to assist with your extraction hood cleaning requirements.  Our specialised bag wash systems thoroughly clean the internals of your wall mounted split system which is in direct contact with the air that you breathe.

Kitchen Hood extraction systems are an extremely important part of Commercial Kitchens. Like many systems, their value is most apparent when things go wrong. Otherwise, their presence often goes unnoticed which should not be the case.

The downside to an inoperable or faulty kitchen extraction system can start with less air flow, meaning less negative pressure in the kitchen meaning fumes and odours can spill into unintended areas such as other parts of the kitchen or even out into the restaurant. And in extreme cases, lack of Extraction Hood cleaning can lead to or exacerbate fires which we all see on the news from time to time. Given building density is increasing with mix usage of residential and restaurants, the seriousness of kitchen extraction hood cleaning needs to be appreciated.

So starting with the kitchen area itself, the extraction system is important as it assists in creating a safe work environment for the kitchen staff. And by safe we mean lowering the risk of fire plus being able to temperature control within reason these areas for working. Obviously, with stoves, ovens, oil fryers, wok burners and other cooking equipment, no-one expects temperatures to remain static such as in dining areas.

That said, if the kitchen environment is stuffy, smokey and overheated then staff are going to suffer for long periods in such an environment. A lot of kitchens also have amplified issues with heat, humidity and oil build up which leads to both slippery floors and equipment. All of this is in part associated with the extraction hood system.

The kitchen Hood itself is an important part of hygiene within the kitchen, as any oil build up in the hood or ducts can typically leak back onto this food preparation area, so it needs to remain clean and properly maintained. Typically there are extraction vents and filters that need to be cleaned. These filters are often disposable and there are some new technologies around too; that may be worth investigating for kitchens struggling with filters. There needs to be fire baffles at this point as well that meet the requirements under the Australian standard AS1668.1. The hood area needs cleaning agents which meet HACCP requirements meaning they are safe to use in food preparation areas.

Kitchen extraction duct systems do not have fire dampers within them. They still need to be cleaned and maintained and there are a number of protective agents that can be introduced into the ductwork to try and extend the life of them. All extraction ductwork needs to be galvanized sheet metal or stainless steel of a sufficient wall thickness to meet the Australian standards. A number of manual and automated robotic systems are now available through Tecair to regularly clean the internals of this Duck work.

 The last area of the extraction system is typically on or near the roof area where the extraction fan is often located. It is extremely common to see a build-up of oil and fat that makes it’s way up the ductwork and deposits itself on the fan blades. Our technicians who are electrically qualified need to disconnect the motor and thoroughly clean this area with biodegradable cleaning agents. After cleaning the fans are more efficient so cost less to run.

Additionally, where the air is displaced can often become covered with soot, fat and oil and some consideration to these areas should also be given.

 Often also located in these areas are what we call Electrostatic air cleaners which the extracted air passes through. The technology looks for particles above a certain size and then electrically zaps those particles to break them up even further. The resulting air is a lot cleaner than extraction systems without such equipment. The combined extraction systems in a city actually have a significant health impact on the air quality within a city and such systems are increasingly being legislated and specified on new builds. Tecair is able to clean and maintain such systems if fitted.

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