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Split bag wash

Tecair can technicians are trained and equipped to assist with your split bag wash requirements.  Our specialised bag wash systems thoroughly clean the internals of your wall mounted split system which is in direct contact with the air that you breathe.

Wall mounted split system air conditioning is used in both residential and commercial environments. While Tecair concentrates on servicing and maintaining commercial equipment the principles for cleaning a wall mounted split system is the same for both homes and commercial use.

 All wall mounted split systems typically have a filter cassette that is easy to access and clean. The proper technique for most filter cleans is to either hose or rinse in water so as to remove as much dust and particles as possible. While vacuuming is sometimes the only option, a thorough water clean is preferred. What most people do not understand is that this type of maintenance does not thoroughly clean the internal equipment within the wall mounted split system and this is where a bag wash can leave you with a thoroughly cleaned system.

 The technique is that a plastic bag is connected to the underside of the system with a hose outlet for wastewater. Tecair technicians are able to remove the air conditioners cover and then using biodegradable cleaning agents, are able to clean the internal fan which over years becomes clogged with dust mainly from the skin and the microbial growth that accompanies this biological build up in a moist environment. Remembering that all the air that you breathe in that room is being circulated through this equipment.

 A spilt bag wash is not recommended for every maintenance nor even every year. Our technicians will be able to show you the build up so that we do a bag wash at a maintenance interval that is conscious of both the requirements for hygienic wall split systems plus the cost associated with cleaning such a deep clean. We also find that after a clean and the removal of the biological material the fan works more efficiently. This will, therefore, cost less to run as well as extending the lifetime of the equipment. Most wall mounted split have a design life intention of approximately 7 to 10 years.

Contact our offices for more information or a quotation to bag wash your split system.

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