Tecair Rapid respond refrigeration & HVAC Service
Rapid response refrigeration & HVAC Service
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Tecair Rapid respond refrigeration & HVAC Service Rapid response refrigeration & HVAC Service

HVAC Services

Tecair are your Australian HVAC servicing specialists. No other company is as orientated to efficient ongoing service and maintenance for your air conditioning and refrigeration equipment. For the last 30 years we have provided servicing across Australia. With offices in Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, Adelaide and Perth our technicians are ready to assist you 24/7.

Central to our IT system is an asset management component which empowers us to track and report on your individual assets as we maintain them. This has significant advantages for Certification and Compliance for equipment such as water towers and fire dampers which need to be reported on to government bodies regularly.

Our technicians operate from modern vehicles with the latest equipment and tools to ensure they are prepared to meet your requirements at the first visit. All staff use internet connected iPads to write their reports in real time.

The two types of service we offer are either reactive; meaning we either come out and assist you in an emergency, or preventative, meaning our technicians regularly visit you site to maintain your equipment. Additionally we are able to offer cleaning services which are an essential part of the ownership of HVAC+R equipment. Not only are there the advantages of hygiene, the cleaning of equipment can help it function more efficiently and therefore save you money in the long term.

All equipment ages and as your serviced equipment approaches the end of its operational life you will faced with the decision of whether to invest funds into aging equipment or start again with new equipment. Tecair will provide you with quantifiable recommendations to assist you in making this business decision.

Tecair are able to supply and install new equipment into your sites. Typically there will be at least one major retrofit of any buildings mechanical plant during the buildings operational lifetime and in many instances it can be every 15 years.

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Tecair Rapid respond refrigeration & HVAC Service