Tecair Rapid respond refrigeration & HVAC Service
Rapid response refrigeration & HVAC Service
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Tecair Rapid respond refrigeration & HVAC Service Rapid response refrigeration & HVAC Service



Tecair has offices in Metro area’s where we have our own trained technicians on staff. Many of our larger clients have multiple sites in regional and even remote locations so require national coverage. To achieve uniform HVAC & R standards and pricing,

Rapid Response HVAC+R services

Tecair has for over ten years built up a strong network of partners with regional HVAC & R businesses to provide our large national clients with the coverage they need. To do this we differentiate between partners and sub-contractors as below.

Our Partners

  1. Tecair Guarantee their work. Any issues then we hop on a plane and get it fixed for you. It is rarely needed but on a rainy day, we take on that obligation for national clients.
  2. Our management visit with our partners regularly to conduct inspections and joint reports. Quarterly where we have multiple clients in an area and once or twice a year for smaller regional centres. Good examples are Newcastle and Canberra where we visit quarterly or Darwin and Townsville bi-annually.
  3. Our partners use the Tecair portal and system so reports, jobs and quotes are all centrally located and co-ordinated. All your service and compliance reports are accessible in the portal for your records. Our partners can therefore enter service work against your actual asset register.
  4. Same national pricing for metro and regional locations. (The only exception may be remote sites where the locals can pretty much dictate what they want. As a rough guide add 30% for remote. See Subcontractors).
  5. Tecair uses its experience to vet quotations for accuracy and value before they are submitted. The small risk is that regional quotes are made in the knowledge that it is unlikely an inspection will occur, so more contingency is built into the job than may have been in for a similar metro job. We work with our partners to ensure there is a balance for all parties.
  6. The use of pictures and video is widely used to communicate issues, alert customers and substantiate proposed works.
  7. We do not hesitate for you to contact our partner technicians directly to assist in resolving issues. You are tapping into our partner network to use as efficiently as you can so we do not want to hide our partners from you behind a restrictive administration system.

 HVAC Sub-contractors

Where we may only have one site we manage on behalf of a national client then Tecair will engage a local sub-contractor. This is typical of smaller and more remote regional centres. Rather than send management regularly we have to act remotely.

Our clients need emergency reactive service capability and not just preventative maintenance. Many in the industry will meet their contracted preventative maintenance obligations by sending metro staff on a ‘run’ and not take the time to build up reactive capability. The downside is when something breaks, they can be hours if not a day away from getting to site. Our partners know Tecair share the preventative maintenance so they not only know the sites, but are willing and able to react to emergency breakdowns as they are nearby.

So while no HVAC & R business can have a national regional footprint the same size as our country’s largest corporations, at Tecair we have for many years achieved HVAC & R service outcomes through our partner network. Tecair is happy to provide national corporate references on request.



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Tecair Rapid respond refrigeration & HVAC Service