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Tecair Rapid respond refrigeration & HVAC Service Rapid response refrigeration & HVAC Service
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Shut the bloody fridge door

It is not just your kids you know. Tecair services a number of national restaurant chains where staff are known to prop open freezer and cool room doors for convenience.

Not all staff see the power bills so cannot see the associated cost. Tecair is a company of ‘fridgies’ and we estimate the biggest energy saving potential in the entire freezer and cool room industry is to just ‘close the bloody door’. In context, this is tens of millions of dollars a year across Australia. So look at your current power bills and know you can lower them.

There are a number of methods to change staff behaviour:

  • We have seen training but that is as good as your next hire.
  • PVC strips are actually pretty good as long as staff do not hang them out the way.
  • Our minimum recommendation is a door alarm. It will buzz if staff leave the door open for too long. It is annoying so staff will generally shut the door.

The downside can be if it is near customers. Tecair can install an integrated cool room controller. This can not only prompt the door being shut but can record the temperatures as well, so you can see how the freezer and door are being used.

Lastly, a BMS system that automatically alarms back to base is a sure way to get the door shut. And it will cut down on expensive call outs for ice ups. Particularly if we link the running of the fridge equipment to the door. If the door opens it should shut off the fans so moist warm air is not sucked into the cool or freezer room through the door. This is where the icing comes from. A controller will also allow more accurate defrosting.

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